We are curators of premium holistic products and services for the mind, body, and soul offering premium Products, Services & Supplies to help create balance and harmony.

Holistic Services & All Natural Products

Welcome to Ethereal Paradox where we specialize in premium holistic services, all-natural products, and metaphysical products for the mind, body & soul. Our goal is to provide a wide range of premium all-natural products, holistic servicesethically sourced crystals, natural gemstones, jewelry, metaphysical supplies, organic oils, organic products, and more all expertly crafted by our gifted Artisans, Reiki Masters & Shamans with love, positivity & healing energy.

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The team at Ethereal Paradox consists of extremely talented and highly gifted individuals who understand the power of nature as well as the energetic balances of the world in which we all live. Our mission is to provide consumers with a single source to shop for premium crafted products and services aimed at improving the lives of those seeking enlightenment while striving to live a pure and natural lifestyle.

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  • Crystals & Natural Stones

    Every crystal and natural stone we obtain is of the highest quality and we always strive to ensure each are ethically sourced. We have spent years building strong relationships with mine owners and family owned and operated mines to ensure the best possible quality crystals harvested by craftsman who are treated with the utmost respect. Sthop for exceptional and rare crystals and gemstones now...

    Crystals & Natural Stones 
  • All-Natural & Organic Products

    We source some of the finest naturally pure, organic products for the whole family. Our all-natural and organic products are ethically sourced and made with pure, all natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals. Whether you are shopping for Ethereal Paradox products, or something from one of our vendors, you can be sure it contains no sulfates, no artificial ingredients or toxic dyes...

    All-Natural Products 
  • Premium Holistic Services

    One of the primary purposes of Ethereal Paradox is to provide premium holistic services that are customized for each client by our certified and licensed practioners. We work with our clients to ensure that we provide the right holistic treatments while aiming to help improve the quality of life for our clients through our exceptional holistic services...

    Premium Holistic Services