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It all started long ago... before any of us had any idea we would be in a position to help others by crafting all-natural products or partnering with leading U.S. based manufactures to create all-natural non-GMO Supplements or providing premium holistic services. Each of us knew that we were created with a purpose. Deep within our souls, we knew that it was imperative that whatever we decide to do in life, it must be done with the goal of helping and healing others.

Ethereal Paradox was envisioned by our founder Nadia Leon, a certified Master Reiki practitioner and shaman. Nadia's pursuit to help enlighten and awaken the consciences of those seeking purpose, has always been a driving force in every action she has taken. As part of her calling to help enrich the lives of others using her skills, abilities, and knowledge, Nadia gave birth to the original concept of Ethereal Paradox and the principals which have become the foundation on which Ethereal Paradox was created on.

Having lived their lives centered around helping others Nadia and her partner, Ethereal Paradox co-owner David King, a world-renowned professional Internet Marketing & SEO Expert, are dedicated to help guide and connect people. With this passion and in their pursuit to enrich and enlighten others, they have compiled a team of like-minded and very gifted individuals to create the Ethereal Paradox team.

The team at Ethereal Paradox comes from a very diverse walk of life. Each of us, unique, much like the wide range of holistic services and product offerings we provide to the world. However, our collective goal is the same: to help raise positive vibrations, while respecting nature, humanity, and of course our mother earth while doing good and leaving a positive impact on the lives we interact with. Come join us on our mission to provide you with clean, health, pure, and effective products and services by shopping our online store for all-natural products and premium holistic services today.


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