Link to us | Get a Featured on Ethereal Paradox badge for your business

Are you an affiliate, Featured Practitioner, or Featured Vendor of Ethereal Paradox? All affiliates are graciously encouraged to display an "As Featured on" badge to let your customers know that Ethereal Paradox stands behind your products, services and brand.

To get started, first ensure that you are an active affiliate with Ethereal Paradox, then simply select from one of the following featured badge styles and place the badge on your homepage or any webpage related to the products and/or services you have featured on

Option 1:

As Featured on:


Option 2:

As Featured on:

Option 3:

As Featured on


Option 4:
Featured on Ethereal Paradox 


Once you have completed these steps, send us an email or reach out to us via our contact form and ensure that you provide us with a link to that page where the "Featured Badge" appears for our team to review. Select businesses may receive a reciprocal link back to your website from us.