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Whyte Quartz

Amazonite Generator Points

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 These Beautiful Amazonite Generator Points are excellent to work with if you're in need of peace, relaxation and balanced yin yang energy into your life. It is a stone deeply cherished since the days of the ancient Egyptians who adorned the tombs and temples of King Tutankhamun with it and was also used to create the tablets known as the elusive "Book of the Dead". Legend has it Amazonite also lined the shields of an Amazonian warrior princess.   

 Each Amazonite Generator Point carries strong energy healing properties and is connected with the heart chakra and throat chakras. It helps integrate both intellect and intuition, enhancing greater clarity and helping one express themselves in healthy ways. This Amazonite Generator Points helps disperse negative energy, thought forms and EMF's leaving your space generated with positive vibrations and a deep sense of relaxation and calm.  

Origin- Brazil

Measures approximately H 4" x W 1"

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