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Geometric Boho Style Earrings

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These chic Geometric Boho Style Bateau, or “Boat” Earrings are the perfect versatile, yet bold statement pieces to really take any outfit up a few notches!

They are designed into geometric shaped beauties from upcycled brass, aluminum and steel and provide exceptional style while helping our environment.

Each pair of Geometric Boho Style Earrings helps support the local economy of Haiti by providing jobs for local communities creating these lovely boho style fashion accessories who meticulously source recycled aluminum and materials which are then melted and poured into sand molds for more environmentally friendly style which reducing our carbon footprint on mother earth.

Each pair of Geometric Boho Style Earrings is a true labor full of love dedicated to style, helping our environment, and struggling communities around the world. 


-Length: 3”

-Materials: Gold-plated brass and steel ear studs, and upcycled aluminum