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Large Blue Tiger's Eye Sphere

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Specimen Type: Blue Tigers Eye Sphere
: 3-inch diameter sphere
(sphere stands sold separately)

Blue Tigers Eye is a stone of luck, courage, and intuition and is also called the “Hawk’s Eye”, a symbol of strength. Its intrinsic variations of deep blues and Tigers Eye golden tan hues are mesmerizing and encourage a more positive outlook on life. The spherical shape distributes the properties of the stone evenly in all directions making it a powerful spiritual tool to work with and display in any place you’d like relaxing, balanced positive energy to flow throughout.

This Blue Tigers Eye Sphere is as gorgeous as it is beneficial in that it works with the upper chakras, especially the third eye and throat chakra to bring about wisdom, ambition, and prosperity for the steady flow of finances.  It also works to assist with greater intuition, and positive communication, while it eases anxiety and depression for a much-needed sense of inner peace as it balances Yin and Yang (Masculine and Feminine) energies, bringing you more in tune with the universe’s wisdom. Some of the physical holistic properties it has been known for are encouraging a healthier function of the eyes, lungs, and endocrine system.

Intense Evil Eye Protection is another powerful attribute Gaia reinforced this magnificent natural Blue Tiger's Eye stone sphere with during its long creation process within the earth. Allow the abundance of prosperity and gentle balance that this rare and large-sized Blue Tiger’s Eye Sphere has to offer into your favorite space and meditation practice today.

Note: Some Stones/Crystals may have naturally occurring inclusions and/or irregularities, chips, cracks, etc. from the natural formation process within the earth over thousands of years and are one of a kind…created as uniquely as you and I. Any unnatural irregularities will be clearly notated in the description ensuring you can make your purchase from us with total confidence.

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