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Fuze Body

Body Butter - Breathe Clear

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This all-natural, paraben-free fluffy whipped cream textured body butter from Fuze Body makes your skin ultra-soft, naturally! Breathe Clear Body Butter contains a potent combination of essential oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint and laurel leaf, which have been known to support a healthy respitory system providing all-natural relief from congestion, allergies and more while providing deep hydration for buttery smooth skin.  

Each blend can be customized with your choice of natural essential oils for a paraben free scent blend completely customized to you! 

Each product is artisan crafted using the base ingredients listed below. Customized essential oil blends are also available for your very own uniquely scented body butter. Please let us know at checkout in the note section or email us after you place an order what essential oils you'd like us to blend in, and if you prefer a more subtle or stronger scent throw of aromas.

Made with pure and simple organic and/or all-natural, paraben free ingredients like:

Shea Butter

Organic Coconut Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Vitamin E

Pure Essential Oils: Eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus dives ), Laurel Leaf ( Lauris nobilis ), Peppermint ( Mentha piperita ), Ravensara ( Ravensara aromatica ), Eucalyptus Radiata ( Eucalyptus radiata ), Lemon ( Citrus limonum ), Rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis ), Tarragon ( Artemisia dracunculus ) & Tea Tree ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

Comes in a beautifully laser engraved bamboo jar. For best consistency, please store at or below room temperature.