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  • Carved Rhodonite Butterfly Key
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Ethereal Paradox

Carved Rhodonite Butterfly Key

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Size: 3' Length
Origin: Russia
Mineral Type: Rhodonite

While on this earth journey, we encounter many challenges along our paths that often block out the sacred song of our hearts. Rhodonite is one of Mother Gaia’s many gifts to help break down those barriers surrounding the heart, soothing emotional pain and allowing unconditional love to flow freely again. This consciously hand-crafted Rhodonite Butterfly Key is the perfect spiritual tool to soothingly unlock your heart chakra and restore the self-confidence and clarity needed to lead your relationships in the right direction. It is said that Rhodonite carries the physical healing properties of fertility stimulation, helping autoimmune disorders, joint inflammation, and stomach ulcers.

The divine heart healing light expelled by this Carved Rhodonite Butterfly Key encourages selflessness, healthy boundaries, and compromise. It balances the yin and yang within you producing positive emotions of overall joy and happiness. May this be the key that makes your heart soar like a butterfly embracing all the cosmic love the Universe has to provide.


Note: Stones/Crystals may have naturally occurring inclusions and/or irregularities, chips, cracks, etc. from the natural formation process within the earth over thousands of years and are one of a kind…created as uniquely as you and I. Any unnatural irregularities will be clearly notated in the description ensuring you can make your purchase from us with total confidence.

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