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Gemstone Slab Necklaces

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Gemstone Slab Necklaces Available in:
Labradorite Slab, Kyanite Slab, or African Turquoise

Each of these Gemstone Slab Necklaces is handmade in vintage copper around a unique slice of Labradorite, Kyanite, or African Turquoise. Each natural stone vibrates with positive, healing, calming, and transformational energy.

  • 20” antique copper chain
  • pendant is about 2”
  • no two stones are alike but all are magnificent. The necklace you receive will be similar but not exactly like what is pictured.

Gemstone Properties:

Labradorite: Inuit legend says that labradorite is the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Considered to be most magical, it's THE stone for personal transformation. It strengthens willpower and inner calm. It enhances intuition and connects the wearer to higher levels of spirituality and creativity.

Kyanite: calm, serenity, and balance are what kyanite brings to the wearer. This stone aligns all the chakras and dissolves blockages. Its calming energy brings tranquility allowing for clear thoughts and positive actions and communication.

African Turquoise: soothes short tempers and alleviates conflict. Another amazing stone for transformation as it evens out mood swings and promotes a positive outlook with a sense of calm and optimism.