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Ethereal Paradox

Raw Larimar

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Mineral Type: Larimar
Origin: Dominican Republic
Size: Varying Sizes Available 

Larimar, also referred to as Atlantis and Dolphin Stone, is a rare and gorgeous blue stone found only in the beautiful Caribbean Isle of the Dominican Republic which is thought to once have been a part of the infamous nation of Atlantis by the ancients and current mystics alike. It mirrors the ethereal blue hues of the skies and oceans emitting an immediate energy of overall calm.

Being that it was created by the magically volcanic marriage between the soothing seas and molten hot lava, Larimar is an amazing stone for the throat and upper chakras. It greatly helps with compassionate communication, dissipating anxious thoughts, enhancing inner strength, and showering you with an overwhelming sense of peace and balance.

Larimar is connected heavily with our mother earth and is used as a highly effective worry stone also used in acupuncture and reflexology practices. Its potent grounding energy soothes the overly busy mind and removes blockages of the upper chakras and meridians. Carry this gorgeous Raw Larimar stone with you everywhere to ensure your auric field remains cool, calm, and collected. Blessed be.


Note: Stones/Crystals may have naturally occurring inclusions and/or irregularities, chips, cracks, etc. from the natural formation process within the earth over thousands of years and are one of a kind…created as uniquely as you and I. Any unnatural irregularities will be clearly notated in the description ensuring you can make your purchase from us with total confidence. 

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