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Magnesium Deodorant made with Certified Organic & Vegan Ingredients

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Made exclusively with
Certified Organic & Vegan ingredients.
Handmade | Unisex

Benefits of Magnesium Deodorant: Stress Relief | Pain Relief | Better Sleep

Fresh deodorant? Yes! But we're not just talking fresh scents... Our commitment to pure and healthy is serious and we have perfected the natural deodorant using only certified organic, real, pure ingredients.

Nothing to extend shelf life—freshly handmade in small batches—a jar will last you 3+ months! When you start running low, simply order a freshly-made jar!

It won’t stain your clothes. It works like a charm! Great for Men or Women, and excellent for Teens too!

Easy to use—massage about 1/2 tsp. to your armpit. Absorbs in quickly. Excellent for teens and men too!

*** Keep at room temp. ***

Our natural magnesium deodorant is a game-changer for those who were on a long journey looking for the Holy Grail of natural deodorants:

Yes, organic, vegan, and zero waste.
This jar will last you 3-4 months!
Handmade in small batches.
Unisex smell you will love!
It feels smooth and not oily.
It won’t stain your clothes.
Deodorizing stress relief! It does not get better than this.

Ingredients*: Coconut Oil | Cocoa & Shea Butter | Magnesium | Baking Soda | Arrowroot Powder | Candelilla Wax | Tea Tree Oil | Clary Sage Oil | Lavender Oil

*All ingredients are certified organic & vegan.

How to use: Apply 1/2 tsp to each underarm with your fingertip.

PLEASE NOTE: If you apply it right after shaving, you will feel a slight burning sensation! That means it is doing its antibacterial job. Tingling due to magnesium is normal.

Magnesium Benefits: Stress Relief | Pain Relief | Better Sleep