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Whyte Quartz

Small Pink Amethyst Slabs on Display Stands

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Specimen Type: Pink Amethyst
Size: Approximately 5" - 8" Tall

These small-sized Pink Amethyst Slabs are polished on one side and mounted on a specimen display stand!

Each Pink Amethyst Specimen piece is naturally unique, no two of them are alike. Pink amethyst is a much less common variant of Amethyst crystal making these a bit harder to find than most amethyst types.

This Pink Amethyst display specimen measures approximately between 5" tall and 8" tall making it a perfect addition for your desk, bedroom, or living room decor.

Pink Amethyst is a combination of Rose Quartz and Amethyst, giving it a beautiful rosey/purple color. Because of this, some claim pink amethyst is an excellent stone to gift someone for Valentine's day!

Hand cut, polished, and mounted in Brazil.

**Please note that these are sample images. The one you receive may look different in size, color, shape, etc. Each piece is 100% natural, real pink amethyst and variations should be expected.