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Ethereal Paradox

Positive Manifestation Service with Nadia

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Service: Positive Manifestation Service

This is a custom-tailored intuitive Positive Manifestation Ceremony with the Ethereal Paradox founder, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Advisor, and Reiki Master, Nadia.

Nadia has been known amongst family, friends and much of the spiritual and holistic healing community for her natural psychic and healing gifts since childhood.  She's deeply connected with the angelic, akashic and higher spiritual realms as she was born unto an incredibly magical bloodline that can be traced back to the Basque ancestors of Atlantis and the ancient Dogon tribes of Mali amongst others. 

The number of divinely gifted capabilities she was born with along with intense life experiences has metamorphosized and separated her from many in the field. Nadia's uniquely diverse skill set, innate abilities, and knowledge of ancient mystery school wisdom enable her to provide a unique set of divinely guided services to the collective. 

A Positive Manifestation ceremony facilitated by Nadia includes a 10-minute personal consultation via Zoom or Google Meet to discuss your needs and intent (only positive intentions adhering to hermetic principals of free) for the manifestation ceremony. Popular requests include promoting physical health, attracting success/financial abundance, curse/negative programming removal, attracting love, luck, spiritual protection and just about any other positive experience you'd like manifested into your soul's journey. 

Each Positive Manifestation Ceremony is conducted privately with the use of deep trance meditation channeling powerful energy from higher vibrational realms, anointed customized hand carved candle(s), intuitively selected and energetically charged crystals/gemstones for a personalized crystal grid, herbs and natural essential oils as needed. Once the ceremony is completed, a short video will be sent of each personalized crystal grid along with details of any psychic insight/energies felt during the ceremony for clarity and support of each individual during their manifestation process. 



Please Note: Manifestation services are provided with only the utmost positive intent abiding by the law of free will and divine light. Nadia can be booked for local services as well as those which may require travel (additional fees will apply to all in-person services outside of a 25 miles radius from her primary location)

To learn more about Nadia and all of the holistic services she provides, please visit her Ethereal Paradox Profile Page below:

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master

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