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Ethereal Paradox

Raw Smoky Citrine Points

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Citrine has long been coveted as an intensely powerful stone of wealth, success, and manifestation. It exudes a peaceful and positive vibration that helps to quickly uplift your mood. Many ancient cultures have considered citrine a symbol of affluent power carrying the magical abilities to eradicate negativity and bring about unsurmountable success. The ancient Egyptians often adorned themselves with citrine talismans while the Romans wore the stone as jewelry to attract good luck. Even the ancient Greeks carved upon the surface of the stone in an effort to enhance the citrine crystal's naturally powerful metaphysical properties.  

This Natural Raw Smoky Citrine Point also carries the uniquely dynamic transmutation properties of Smoky Quartz Crystal creating powerful complementary healing energies to aid in grounding the high vibration of the healing golden ray to the physical body and assist with intention setting by drawing manifestations into the 3rd density experience.

Primarily resonating with the solar plexus chakra, these Raw Smoky Citrine Points help balance all chakras and help to restore your sense of empowerment, helping to eliminate the illusion of fear and changing one’s perception of the illusion of duality, or good and evil. Ground yourself in the utmost abundance while attracting luck, prosperity, and positivity into your journey now and always.

Note: Stones/Crystals may have naturally occurring inclusions and/or irregularities, chips, cracks, etc. from the natural formation process within the earth over thousands of years and are one of a kind…created as uniquely as you and I. Any unnatural irregularities will be clearly notated in the description ensuring you can make your purchase from us with total confidence.

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