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Rose Quartz Aura Flame Crystal

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Specimen Type: Rose Quartz
Weight: 15.06 oz

This gorgeous Rose Quartz Aura Flame is sure to fan the flames of pure and unconditional love right into your heart space.  Lovingly hand-carved and glistening with property-enhancing aura coating, this eye-catching Rose Quartz Aura Flame brings with it strong, yet gentle higher dimensional energy to bring forth emotions of peace and ease emotional pain. It also invokes feelings of self-love and an unconditional love of all living things.

The metallic aura coating is created by bonding ultra-fine metals like gold, titanium, and/or silver that are electrostatically charged to enhance the natural healing and metaphysical properties of the stone. Known for being a powerful heart chakra crystal, Rose Quartz also helps manifest joy, abundance, and emotional support. Bring this piece into your heart and home to ignite the eternal flame of divine love within you today.

This Rose Quartz Aura Flame Crystal has been cleared energetically, blessed and reiki charged for positivity, love, peace, and healing at the highest of vibrational levels.

Note: Stones/Crystals may have naturally occurring inclusions and/or irregularities, chips, cracks, etc. from the natural formation process within the earth over thousands of years and are one of a kind…created as uniquely as you and I. Any unnatural irregularities will be clearly notated in the description ensuring you can make your purchase from us with total confidence. 

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