Nadia Leon: Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master

Nadia Leon: Holistic Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer

Nadia is natural born intuitive healer, spiritual advisor, and clairvoyant who tends to shy away from the many labels to emphasize that she is merely one of the catalysts chosen to return to the Earth by our creator to infectiously spread light, love, healing, and enlightenment channeled from the Angelic and Akashic realms.

The mere presence of her light and higher vibrational energy in a room is immediately felt by most, if not all, everywhere she goes. Realization of these gifts came to her awareness in very early childhood by way of strong angelic and spirit communication, the gift of sight, gnosis of past/present/future events along with the gift of healing at various levels. She began her journey as a spiritual healer by “unknowingly” utilizing these gifts as a small child to communicate with the animal kingdom and beyond while having the blessing of being a chosen medium enabled to help heal stray, ill and wounded rescue animals and already knew, that was only the beginning of her magical journey.

Nadia's soul mission as a born Starseed Lightworker and Certified Master Reiki Practitioner is to aid humanity during this time of the Great Shift by raising Christ Consciousness and the awareness of self as a small, but integral fractal of our divine creator here to also spread love and light. Her purpose is to assist you in connecting with the spirit world and awaken you to your soul’s mission, clear unwanted energies, traumas and subconscious programs that are no longer serving you so you can manifest deep spiritual awakening, freedom, healing, and joy from within. 

Her lifelong, continuous studies of both the scientific and spiritual aspects of the healing properties of crystals, shamanic healing modalities, holistic practices, metaphysical knowledge, and ancient mystery school studies only continue to further enable her to channel her psychic abilities and higher conscious knowledge as a catalyst for healing and spiritual awakening for herself and many other souls across the globe for well over a decade.

Nadia provides a variety of premium spiritual and holistic services including in person or distance Reiki Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Clairvoyant Channeling/Consultation. She also conducts Private Sound Baths, Full/New Moon, Ecstatic Dance and Shipibo Style Hape Ceremonies nestled deep within nature on several acres of private, sacred land surrounded by protected forests, preserves, and natural springs. Nadia is also a talented artist who creates, formulates, and sources all-natural, ethically sourced spiritual and organic products, crystals, handmade jewelry and so much more to provide the tools to help raise the vibrational frequency of every soul on this blessed earth journey.

Professional Holistic Services Offered by Nadia:

SERVICE AREA: Nadia is a gifted Intuitive HealerCertified Reiki Master located in Gainesville, Florida servicing clients nationwide and locally (Gainesville, Alachua, High Springs, Newberry, Tioga, Ocala, MicanopyLive Oak, Alachua County, Gilchrist County, Marion Country, Levy CountyBradford County, and surrounding North/Central Florida areas), with remote services, phone services, and paid travel options also available. Travel fees will apply to any in-person sessions scheduled greater than 25 miles of Gainesville Florida USA.

(Note: Remote sessions conducted via Phone/Skype/Google Meet/WhatsApp)