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All-Natural Blue Tansy Essential Oil - 5ml

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Blue tansy is an incredibly therapeutic and spiritually enhancing all-natural essential oil that is extracted using a special high pressure, low temperature steam extraction process of the flowers of the tanacetum annuum grown in Morocco.

 The intoxicating naturally mild, yet sweet scent is connected with ancient symbolism of rebirth, and fertility. Blue tansy essential oil has been used since ancient times for its calming, anti-inflammatory, stress reduction and skin healing effects. Traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapists commonly recommend All-Natural Blue Tansy Essential Oil for its many holistic healing and spiritual benefits

Directions: Apply in a 2-5% dilution in carrier oil to affected areas and massage lightly. 

Cautions :
Research seems to indicate that its strength is highest when used at a maximum concentration of 5%. Be sure to properly dilute to avoid staining. Avoid use during pregnancy.