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  • Lapis Lazuli hand caved crystal of the goddess Gun Yin
  • Opalite hand caved crystal of the goddess Gun Yin
  • Sodalite hand caved crystal of the goddess Gun Yin
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Whyte Quartz

Guan Yin Crystal Goddess Carvings of Lapis Lazuli, Opalite & Sodalite

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Size: Measures 3 1/2" Tall
Specimen TypesOpalite, Lapis Lazuli, or Sodalite

Look at these gorgeous LIMITED EDITION Crystal GODDESS gemstone carvings! Available in 3 different stone options: OPALITELAPIS LAZULI, or SODALITE

Guan Yin (aka: Goddess of Mercy, Avalokiteshvara & Bodhisattva of Compassion) brings protection to anyone who calls on her during times of need, fear, and despair. Guan Tin's protection is like that of a mother protecting her child.

This amazing carved Guan Yin crystal is available in 3 different stones (OPALITELAPIS LAZULI, or SODALITE), these LIMITED EDITION carvings are beautifully crafted, hand carved, and polished to perfection!

Sodalite: to enhance communication and intuition.
Lapis Lazuli: to turn inwards to discover your internal power.
Opalite: to bring inner peace and calm.