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  • Ethereal Paradox Palo Santo Smudge Mist
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Ethereal Paradox

Ethereal Paradox Palo Santo Smudge Mist

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Ethereal Paradox Brand Palo Santo Smudge Mist
(Made with Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal & Distilled Moonwater)
Size: 4 oz Spray Bottle

Our aromatic signature artisan-crafted Palo Santo Smudge Mist blend is created in small batches and made with certified Organic, Ethically Sourced Ingredients and charged with deeply protective intention as well as charged with full moon energy to clear any space and fill it with peace, divine blessings, and robust positive energy you can feel and smell to the very core of your soul. 

This unique Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil blend comes with a Tourmalinated Quartz crystal/stone chip to enhance its already heavily protective properties and is available in a convenient 4 oz spray bottle you can take anywhere to stay balanced and protected.

Made with pure, all-natural, Organic Essential Oils, our signature Palo Santo Smudging Spray Mist is an especially powerful tool that's great for any home, office, or shared space where traditional smoke smudging isn't as readily available to keep the bad vibes away and the good vibes flowing.  

Ingredients: Distilled Water (moonlight charged water), Organic Palo Santo Essential Oil Blend, Tourmalinated Quartz Crystal Chip