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Ethereal Paradox

Melatonin (Non-GMO)

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Non-GMO Melatonin for Pineal Hormone Support as well as Restful Sleep and Graceful Aging.

The pineal hormone, melatonin, is a simple derivative of tryptophan and serotonin. Endogenous melatonin is synthesized and released in response to light and dark on the retina. Its secretion is inhibited by bright light. It has also been suggested that chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields may suppress melatonin production.

This Non-GMO Melatonin was created to help supplement natural melatonin levels helping you to achieve a good night's sleep.

Other Ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable lubricant, gelatin.

Manufacturer Country: Made in the USA

Amount: 60 caps

Weight: 61g (0.14lb)

Usage: For sleep disturbances, one capsule daily, two hours before bedtime. May be discontinued when sleep patterns normalize.